To My Little Lady, Who Turns 5 Today

Mother snuggles with daughter

Dear Little Lady,


We celebrated your 5th Birthday today. That means, you’re no longer a baby, but you’re officially a Little Lady! Well, at least to us, you are. We had a late-night tonight, and you slept in the car. You’re getting quite heavy, and juggling between carrying a sleeping preschooler and grocery bags isn’t so easy anymore. But while I was doing just that, I decided I’ll be carrying you a bit more often in the months to come because soon, you won’t want me to carry you at all.


Over the last month, your Papa and I took a little longer deciding what to get you for your Birthday. You’ve grown to be a Little Lady who makes her own independent, tasteful choices (no doubt that came from your Mother. Tsk…) So, we decided we’ll bring you to the store instead. That way, you can determine what you’d like to have. Just like how you’re already making your own decisions on so many things today. We’ve been learning to let go bit by bit, watching you discover new experiences and emotions. Sometimes, it’s a little hard to watch, and my mama heart tugs at the heartstrings when I see you hurt. But watching you navigate through life has also made my mama heart so proud! Life can get tough, but you’re tougher.Birthday child


You crawled into our bed late last night when the thunderstorm got too fierce. You’re taking up a lot of space on our bed now. Poor Papa had to sleep elsewhere. He doesn’t want to keep waking up with your foot too dangerously close to his face. You’re still enjoying our morning cuddles though you struggle to break free a little sooner now. Maybe, that’s because I’m holding you a little tighter. I’ve come to realise you might not want snuggles anymore in the coming years. So, if you don’t mind, I’d be holding on for as long as I can.


There are many parenting methods today, and to be honest, I’m not too sure which might work best. There are no guarantees… or so people say. I wish there is a manual with case studies and best practices that new parents receive in the mail once the stork delivers babies at our doorsteps. They tell you it’s so rewarding and there is so much truth in that. But they never tell you about the little things that drain you mentally, physically and emotionally. Most of all, they never tell you about mama guilt. But it’s ok, let do this one step at a time. There are times when you’re so much better at ‘adulting’ than many adults I’ve encountered, I included. It amazes me how your little heart is so big and so strong. You’ve thought me so much about life, and I look forward to learning more lessons from you.


As you celebrate your 5th Birthday, Little Lady, I am celebrating my 5th year into motherhood. Every day is a new adventure with you— a new discovery, a new experience, a new story to tell, a new lesson learned. I hope that as each day passes, we can journey through life together, one day at a time. I’ve got your back Little Lady, and I hope you’ll always have mine too.


Your 5-year-old Mother

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