What You Do Matters Boxed Set


The What Do You Do Matters Boxed Set includes the three-book series: What Do You Do With an Idea?, What Do You Do With a Problem?, and What Do You Do With a Chance? by award-winning author Kobi Yamada. The beautiful keepsake box features new and original illustrations from Mae Besom with gold foil and imagery from all three books.

Kathryn Haydon from Brightly gives us a great introduction to Kobi Yamada’s New York Times Bestseller trio of picture books below.

What Do You Do With an Idea? 

We are introduced to a child who has an idea but isn’t sure what to do with it. Initially intimidated, the idea grows on him and, quite literally, becomes his friend. As he cares for it, the idea blossoms and goes on to change the world.

This book tackles the resistance that the world generally has to new ideas; it shows that we can push past our own doubts and criticism from others when we hold onto our ideas with conviction. If we can allow ideas to be born and nurture them a bit before judging them, we give them the opportunity to become great.

What Do You Do With a Problem? 

Highlights the fear that arises when we face problems. The story begins in black and white as the child is mentally pursued by his worry. When he decides to face his fear and tackle the problem, he finds a beautiful opportunity inside it. The lesson is that within every problem is a possible opportunity if we are willing to look for it.

Fundamentally, this book is an introduction to the importance of creative thinking. When we are practised in our abilities to think creatively — to think up new ideas — we have more freedom and flexibility. When problems present themselves, we know we can apply our creative thinking to find many solutions.

What Do You Do With a Chance?

Taking the opposite approach to What Do You Do With a Problem?, the child is immediately presented with a golden opportunity. Keeping with the arc of the series, he initially rejects it but gains courage as the narrative and images unfold. His fear is replaced by hope; with this expectation of good, the chance presents itself once again. This time, he jumps right in!

Once again, the book touches upon one of the most important drivers of creativity: openness to experience. The lesson of this book is seen clearly in Kobi’s inside-cover dedication to his kids: “When something extraordinary shows up in your life, I hope you see it for what it is . . . a gift.” In other words, stay open.

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  • Author & Illustrator: Kobi Yamada
  • Book Format: 3 hardcover books in a boxed set
  • Number of pages:
    • What Do You Do With A Problem? – 36 pages
    • What Do You Do With A Chance? – 44 pages
    • What Do You Do With An Idea? – 36 pages
  • ISBN: 978-1946873149
  • Product Dimensions: 9.2 x 1.6 x 11.3 inches

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