Love Your Body


This book was written for every girl, regardless of how you view your body. All girls deserve to be equipped with the tools to navigate an image-obsessed world.

What if every young girl loved her body? Love Your Body encourages you to admire and celebrate your body for all the amazing things it can do (like a laugh, cry, hug and feel) and to help you see that you are so much more than your body. Bodies come in all different forms and abilities. All these bodies are different and all these bodies are good bodies. There is no size, ability or colour that is perfect. What makes you different makes you, you – and you are amazing! Love Your Body introduces the language of self-love and self-care to help build resilience, while representing and celebrating diverse bodies, encouraging you to appreciate your uniqueness.

Featuring a special surprise poster on the jacket, this book will show you that freedom is loving your body with all its imperfections and being the perfectly imperfect you!

A message from the author, Jessica Sanders ( 

“This book is written for girls, and those who identify as girls. However, the language used is not gendered and the overarching message is universal. Negative body image can affect anyone, regardless of gender, race or sexual orientation. This book draws on my postgraduate studies in gender and social work as well as my own experiences as a girl and young woman struggling with society’s unrealistic expectations of ‘beauty’. The messages in this book have also been influenced by a body functionality approach, feminist theory and the body positive movement.

Love Your Body has been created to be understood by a range of readers. Even if a child is not able to understand all of the language, they should understand the visual messages. The illustrations send a strong, clear message and it is important that young girls be exposed to this message as early as possible.

This is the book I wish I’d had as a young girl. I desperately needed to hear that I was one of a kind, that I was allowed to take up space and that I was enough exactly as I was. Instead, what I heard from the early age of 6 was a constant stream of ‘Wow! You’re so tall!’. I grew to develop a negative body image and in high school I subjected my body to every restrictive diet that there is. Sadly, my story isn’t uncommon. It’s the story that has shaped every woman and many of the men that I know. When I made the decision to write Love Your Body I was fuelled by a sense of injustice and hope for the future. The next generation should not have to be subjected to a life time of despising the wonderful bodies that they were born in; it was time for this story to come to an end.” 

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  • Author: Jessica Sanders
  • Illustrator: Carol Rossetti
  • Book Format: Hardcover
  • Number of pages: 40
  • ISBN: 9780711252400
  • Book Dimensions: 8.6 x 0.7 x 11.1 inches

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