Jack Is Curious: Can I Hit Back at a Bully?


This charming series views the world from the inquisitive eye of a child; each book addresses a question that could stump many parents. A perfect series for bedtime reading.

Jack is a cheeky and curious boy who loves to play with his best friend Zac. One day while at the playground with Zac, three bullies steal their football and call them mean names. During taekwondo practice, Jack asks, “Can I use taekwondo to hit back at the bullies?” His taekwondo teacher says no, but Mama has an idea…

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    • Author: Linda Locke
    • Illustrator: Chloe Chan
    • Book Format: Paperback
    • Number of pages: 28
    • ISBN: 9789814845106
    • Book Dimensions: 200 x 200mm


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