Discover Plants (Park Adventures with Daniel & Lily)


Join Daniel and Lily on their daily trip to the taman. Learn about the various flowers, plants and trees that they find along their walks in Discover Plants.

About Park Adventures with Daniel and Lily

Park Adventures with Daniel and Lily is made up of a set of three books that present some of the animals and insects, plants and flowers, and activities for young and old that can be found in our local neighbourhood taman.
The books are illustrated with bright, colourful, hand-painted images and written in English with a smattering of Bahasa Malay words for certain animals and plants. It is suitable for young readers and designed to be read out loud by a parent. Each page invites the parent and child to explore and discuss the pictures – how many fish can you count? What activity is the boy doing? What colour is the rama-rama? The books can be read many times and new things will be discovered.
The author hopes to encourage more visits and discovery of the amazing flora and fauna that we have in our parks. There is a list of English and Bahasa Malay words at the end of the book as well as a list of parks to visit within the Klang Valley, Malaysia.

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  • Author: Zarina Parry
  • Illustrator: Sharon Yong Abdullah
  • Book Format: Paperback
  • Number of pages: 23
  • ISBN: 9789671857618

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