Can I Tell You About Dyslexia? A Guide for Friends, Family, and Professionals


Meet Zoe – a young girl with dyslexia. Zoe invites readers to learn about dyslexia from her perspective. She helps readers to understand the challenges faced by a child with dyslexia, explaining what dyslexia is and how it affects her at home and at school. Zoe describes exactly why she finds reading, writing and words so difficult, and how other people can help her in these areas. This illustrated book is ideally suited for readers aged 7 and upwards, and will be an excellent way to start a discussion about dyslexia, in the classroom or at home. The “Can I tell you about . . . ” series offers simple introductions to a range of limiting conditions. Friendly characters invite readers to learn about their experiences of living with a particular condition and how they would like to be helped and supported. These books serve as excellent starting points for family and classroom discussions.

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  • Author: Alan M Hultquist
  • Illustrator: Bill Tulp
  • Book Format: Paperback
  • Number of pages: 56
  • ISBN: 9781849059527
  • Book Dimensions: 5.98 x 0.31 x 8.98 inches

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