The Children's Bookstore Flexible Return Policy Terms & Conditions

Flexible Return Policy Terms & Conditions

Thank you for your purchase at The Children’s Bookstore!

Upon submitting The Children’s Bookstore return request, we will deem that you have read, undersood and accepted the terms below:


Returns Within Malaysia

1- All returns will be shipped and delivered via Pgeon unless other arrangements were agreed upon between the customer and The Children’s Bookstore.

2- Delivery cost for returns with Pgeon will be bourne by The Children’s Bookstore.

3- The Children’s Bookstore will not be held responsible if the parcel was not delivered at the chosen date, time and Pgeon Point upon which, The Children’s Bookstore Return Policy will no longer be applicable.

4- The customer is responsible in ensuring  all necessary steps are taken to protect the returned book during delivery and for its safe arrival at The Children’s Bookstore:

    • Returned book will be protected with bubble wrap and a box or envelope as deemed fit by me to ensure its safe return.
    • Airway bill is securely attached to the parcel with tracking number written on the parcel.



International Returns

1- Returns are accepted, however, all shipping fees will be bourne by the customer.

2- The customer is responsible in ensuring the book arrives safely at the appointed The Children’s Bookstore location.



Cash Voucher Refund

1- I understand that Cash Voucher will be given in full upon inspection within 5 working days of the arrival of the book. This Voucher will be valid 1-month from the date of issue.

2- The value of The Cash Voucher will be in full according to the amout paid at the time of purchase. For example, a book purchased for $50 at a discount (normal price at $100), will be given a $50 Cash Voucher.

3- The Cash Voucher is not valid with other promotional vouchers or discount codes.



Books Damaged Upon Arrival

1- In the event that the book arrives damaged or goes missing (after full investigation performed by the courier service company) due to insufficient protection or lost airway bill,  The Children’s Bookstore will reimburse 50% of the paid value of the book via The Children’s Bookstore Cash Voucher.