The Perfect Journal for a Young Adventure – Take Me to School: A Journal for Young Explorers

Children's Book of the Month- Take Me to School: A School Journal for Young Explorers by Mary Richards

That’s a wrap! No pun intended. It’s been two weeks; the year-end school holidays are over, and all the presents under the Christmas tree are un-wrapped. The new school year is well underway, but while it’s filled with opportunities, memories, and new things to learn, post-holiday blues might be a little overwhelming at the beginning. So, to kick the blues away and to encourage a positive start to the new school year, our Children’s Book of the Month is not a picture book, nor is it an activity book but instead, it a journal— Take Me to School: A School Journal for Young Explorers!


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This children’s journal consists of 5 different Adventure Chapters.  Children can start each adventure at any point during the school year. Leaves gaps or keep going, it’s really up to your young explorer. Each Chapter begins as would a typical school day— Getting Ready. It features pages for Classrooms, Teachers, and even Thoughts and Feelings.  There are ‘prompters’ to help children document this vital part of their lives. From designing their school uniform to recording what time their day starts, filling up this journal is something to look forward to at the beginning or end of the day.

I love that this journal asks questions that may seem minute at first, but then I realized it is a great way to keep memories in-tact, especially as our kids grow older, and the smaller details tend to get lost. If you’re like me and you find that figuring out what’s going through your young explorer’s head is rather mind-blogging, the ‘Thoughts and Feelings’ section is a great way to get started. We do not recommend taking secret peeks into your kid’s journal, but instead, let your kid get comfortable with sharing the contents he or she has written. Perhaps, start by asking about the less-sensitive content in the journals. ‘Have you designed your uniform?’ or ‘What did you think about your teachers?’ Hopefully, that will get them to open up.

Overall, it makes a great journal, but I wished there were more chapters as five is hardly enough. It is a great book to get kids to pick up journaling, and the best part is, it makes a great keepsake.

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