Let Their Voices Be Heard – Say Something by Peter H. Reynolds

Children's Books of the Month_Noevmber 2019

A person’s voice is a powerful tool, giving one the ability to use words to lift or destroy a person. Award-winning author and illustrator Peter H. Reynolds’ book Say Something, encourages kids to use their voice and explore the many ways one single voice, no matter how small can make a difference. It doesn’t have to be loud, but a whisper from the heart can change the world.

Children often can feel small, they’re not just physically smaller, but they’re not often being heard either. How many times have we chosen to correct them instead of listening to them? Or ignoring their voices when we’re too busy getting on with life? As we celebrate UNICEF’s World Children’s Day this 20th of November, let’s make an effort to listen to our littles ones and empower them to make the world a better place.


Empowering Children

Through Actions

Children may not realise how their actions play a role it is our role as parent, guardian or educator to bring them to the realisation— our actions can speak much louder than words. A simple gesture of a hug could be THE remedy to heal an injured heart. What the world needs is more love. Just like planting a seed in a garden, the love will blossom and eventually, spread like wildflowers. It’s as simple as that! These small actions play a significant role in their big world, and that’s why they need to know it is worth every effort. After all, children emulate their parent’s actions, so let’s give them all the love they need.


Through Words

‘I love you, Daddy’ is one of the most heart-warming things your little one could say, turning even the toughest of men into softies. But, words like ‘I don’t want you!’ could ruin your day in a second. Most of the time, your child may not know the weight of the words that come out of their mouths. Such BIG emotions are challenging to control.

Spending time, talking to your child, explaining how his or her words have affected you will allow them to learn and lead them to a realisation of how choosing the right words does play an important role when communicating with others.


Through the Voiceless

With countless blessings our children are getting these days, having food on the table is often taken for granted. However, 3 meals a day is not something every child gets to enjoy. We must teach our children to be thankful for what they have and to be sensitive about other people’s feelings— including our own.

It all starts at home. When your child walks into a toy shop and demands for that latest toy (which happens to cost a bomb!), what happens next? We know you’ve worked really hard to give your children the best, but they need to know that too. The roof on their heads, the food on the table, to their pocket money for snacks after school— that is all due to mummy and daddy working hard to provide for them. So you deserve to be acknowledged and respected.

Speaking about the voiceless, a study by Liverpool John Moores University reveals a frightening truth that is becoming more rampant today.  Children start bullying at the age of three! Most of the children that age has just begun school and experiencing separation anxiety from being away from their parents and guardians at more prolonged periods, what more having other children make life that much more difficult for them. Hence, as parents, teachers and guardians, while we try to keep our children safe, let’s not forget to teach them to be bold and to step up for those who are voiceless, afraid and being bullied.


A Children’s Book That Makes a Difference

Say Something is a children’s book that’s much needed in the world today. Let the words from this book be a daily mantra for not just our children but ourselves. Whether you’re 5 or 48, we all could use a daily dose of positive words.


Source: Independent, Say Something

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